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About Us

We started up this quaint little place over 29 years ago in 1989 with the desire of bringing old world cuisine to Plantsville. With the help of our mother, Elena Carabetta, we built this place. Bruno Carabetta and I have gone through the limits making our dream a reality. With ups and downs, we have made this place you know as Fratelli’s.


From humble beginnings, we cooked, stirred, fried, and did a whole bunch more for you. Through brothership, through kindness, through bursting our lungs at each other, we have made you good food with good service.

We were astonished at what we can do with pots and pans. We grew our menu, made changes, and we have a couple things that make our restaurant unique- like our specials. They change just about every day and each one of them being as delightful as the next! But, one of the biggest things we had ever done to our restaruant was our bar.


We had been craving for a new and bright idea for our establishment. And then we thought of it. By the end of summer 2011, we gave you our totally new bar, complete with new everything! New tables, a new coat of paint, even a new, shiny ceiling! The bar brought us back, and made us very, very popular. Our restaurant that started out as a dream became the restaurant that families have enjoyed for over 29 years. 

A picture of Fraells Italian Restaurant
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